pCATv3 Locker is here!

2 min readJun 12, 2021



pCATv3 has made great progress since its inception. But good things can come at a bad time which was the case for our token. Shortly after launch, the cryptocurrency market experienced a major crash that shook even the most resilient holders. The team has been hard at work to come up with a roadmap that will grow our token sustainably and break into a new ATH. Now we’re happy to announce the launch of our very own pCATv3 locker!

Our anticipated initial version of the locker would be releasing today. We were tried our best to release the locker on the proposed day of Friday but technical hiccups and limitations pushed our deadline ahead.

How does the locker work?

The pCATv3 locker is another distinctive addition to our project that is planned to ensure a sense of security for investors and holders alike, by protecting them from malicious exit scams and rug pulls. With the inclusion of the locker, we will be able to guarantee a safe and secure lock-up of BSC tokens instantly. Nowadays, a liquidity locker is considered a security standard when it comes to Defi projects.

Users can use the pCATv3 locker to lock in any tokens that operate on the Binance Smart Chain. The pCATv3 locker can lock in both team tokens and LP tokens for a 0.5 BNB flat fee.

Photo by Franck on Unsplash

The pCATv3 locker would allow people to lock their liquidity-providing tokens for a set amount of time, which would make trading more consistently reliable by incentivizing the investors to keep their tokens in the liquidity pool.

How will it benefit PCATv3 holders?

Locking tokens in using the pCATv3 locker incurs a 0.5 BNB fee. The fees earned with the locked tokens will have two dividends. Half of the profits will go to the dev team to help maintain pCATv3 while the other half would be siphoned to the wallets of pCATv3 holders.

With more plans down the pipeline. You can surely expect pCATv3 to go to the MOON!


Telegram: https://t.me/pcat_tokens

Major Announcements: https://t.me/pcat_tokens/10216

PCatV3 Locker Dashboard Preview: https://t.me/pcat_tokens/10555

CERTIK Audit Request Coming: https://t.me/pcat_tokens/11421

Dev AMA: https://youtu.be/80gLIwH1LLY

💰 Buy on Pancakeswap V2 (12% slippage): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x41d7ca990138dddd70aef6a66cce6cf37b478428

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pCATv3 is the final iteration of PussyCatCore tokens that reward holders with BNB tokens!